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What to do Before Moving into Your New Home

The big day is just around the corner. You have your old house all packed up and you just need to wait for the moving trucks to arrive on moving day. Well as your Jacksonville movers, we want to remind you of a few things that you should have done before moving into that new home.

Change the Locks

If you haven’t already, change the locks as fast as you can. No matter what the seller tells you, you truly don’t know who has keys and access to your new home. You owe yourself the feeling of security that should come with buying a new home. Feel safe and feel secure: change your locks.

Clean It Up

Although the house should have been cleaned and prepped for you to move in, everyone has their own standard of what clean really is. Whether you love cleaning or not, a cleaning service can have the job done in less than a day with that new home smell as soon as you open the door to move in your first piece of furniture.

Paint, Paint, Paint

You may love the home but hate the walls. Do not wait to achieve this task after you move in. This task is ten times easier with no furniture, no kids, and no pets running around to get in the way and delay the process. Make the house all your own with a fresh coat of paint on the ceiling and walls.

Organization Before Moving In

Check out the closet space your new home provides. Is it up to speed with the times, or your grandma’s old style of a pole jetting across the length of the closet? Nonetheless, look for some closet organizers to make the most use of the space before you fill it.

Electronics Installation

Go around the house and check out switch plates. Are they cracked, discolored, or not functioning. Do your best to install new electronics and switch plates to avoid electrical surprises. Besides the new plates will only make the place look better than ever.

Mechanical Equipment Fully Functioning?

Check your heating and cooling systems around the house. Be sure they are up to date, have been serviced, and look to change anything that is not functioning properly. Any mechanical issues are easier to solve in an empty house than navigating around a fully furnished one.

Window Treatments

Have you considered adding some flare to the windows? This is often overlooked and can make your home look a lot more extravagant once the furniture is in place. Window treatments can be fully customized to meet your taste and tailored to the theme of each individual room. Do-it-yourself projects for window treatments can be a fun project to tackle as a family as an ice breaker to get the kids excited about the new place. 

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