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Natural Ways to Tame the Unruliest Weeds

The last thing you want to be worrying about this spring is unwanted weeds creeping into your yard. Especially if you are moving to Jacksonville and are new to Florida, dealing with this incessant problem may leave you frantically asking your neighbors for help. In order to prevent this from happening, take these precautionary measures to halt different types of unwanted greenery from invading your lawn, and follow the advice of your Jacksonville movers to stop the battle of the weeds before they even start!

  1. Perennial Weeds.  Perhaps the worst type of weeds out of the bunch, perennial weeds like to make your yard their home – and stay there. That is not their only offense, they also love to spread their roots above and below ground – especially through other plants. Needless to say, it is recommended to get rid of these weeds as soon as you see them actively creeping up on your yard – you can thank us later!
  2. Annual Weeds.  While you only see these during specific times throughout the year, they can quickly become an active problem in your day to day life if you let them go un-managed. Since they spread throughout your yard by seed, they more easily become a problem, as opposed to other weeds you have to deal with. They can be brought on from various agents, such as birds flying overhead to people walking through your yard.

In order to nip the problem in the bud, it is best to use some type of weed treatment on all of your foliage at the first sign of spring. Continual maintenance on your lawn in throughout the spring and summer months will ensure that all types of weeds are kept at bay as effortlessly as possible.

However, there are other methods you can use in order to eradicate weeds and that do not involve having a professional come to your house every month. Common household remedies include:

  1. Vinegar. Great at destroying young plants and new roots, the acetic acid in vinegar will get rid of a majority of weeds. Try putting the vinegar in a spray bottle – but be careful not to get it on your other plants, because the vinegar will accidentally get rid of them too.
  2. Vodka. Along with its many other uses, vodka is great at eradicating nasty weeds. Take one ounce of vodka and mix it with two cups of water, a couple drops of dish soap, and you will have yourself a solution that will immediately dry out any type of weed. However, this solution works best with weeds that live in the sun, as opposed to those who grow in the shade.
  3. Boiling Water. Another great way to quickly and effectively get rid of unwanted weeds is to pour boiling water directly on them. This is also a good method for protecting your other plants that you do not want harmed – usually the boiling water will cool before it reaches its surrounding neighbors.