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Using Garbage Bags to Move

Moving can be a pain in the neck. Sometimes you don’t realize how much stuff you really have, and packing can become daunting. With tons of boxes, furniture and suitcases, you may just want to throw everything you can into garbage bags. But is that a good idea? Your Jacksonville packing and moving specialists are glad you asked!

What You Can Pack into Garbage Bags

Garbage bags can be a lot easier than bulky boxes, but don’t just shove everything you have into bags just yet. You’ll need to first decide what the garbage bags can handle. Soft things are good to go, so your clothes should be fine. Garbage bags are especially good for items like coats, blazers and sweaters. A good tip is to keep the clothes hanging in your closet on hangers and shimmy a garbage bag up to the top of a section of clothes. Use twist ties to keep the hangers together. Bags are also great for shoes and accessories like purses and belts. Bed sheets, linens and quilts are perfect too. And don’t forget the bathroom! Towels, shower curtains, and mats and rugs are all items that can be placed in garbage bags. Tons of your kids’ toys will be able to fit in garbage bags as well. Things like stuffed animals and blankets are perfect, and it will probably save room to pack them in a bag as opposed to a box. As far garbage bag no-no’s, hard items or things with sharp edges should be backed safely into durable boxes.

Where Are You Moving

Where you move can also be a deciding factor when thinking of using garbage bags. If you are planning a long-distance move, garbage bags may not be your best bet. Your belongings may be transferred to different trucks during the course of a long-distance move, and boxes offer the best protection. Items can fall out of bags, or may even cause bags to tear, so you will want to steer clear of bags if you are moving to Jacksonville from a great distance. But if your move is local, soft and flexible items should be fine packed in a garbage bag.

What Bags to Buy

Now that you’ve figured out what you are packing into garbage bags, you will need to decide which type of garbage bags to buy. Heavy duty bags will be your best bet, since they are made for carrying a considerable amount of weight. Be sure to get a decent size, as you will want to hold as much as possible per bag. And don’t forget to check out how the bags close. Drawstring bags are probably the easiest. You’ll want to avoid store-brand garbage bags, as they are not likely to be as strong as brand name ones. Don’t buy garbage bags that advertise as recycled either, because they are designed to deteriorate faster than a normal bag.

Planning your move to Jacksonville can be made easier with garbage bags. You just have to decide what can fit in the bags, where you are moving from, and what bags to buy. After settling into your new Jacksonville home, you will be glad you took our advice!