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Tips on What to Pack and What to Donate

Packing for a move can be a tricky scenario. You may have it in your mind that you know exactly what you own and that it’s all going to be moved into the new house, but most of the time you’re wrong. This is a common packing mistake that people make, and something that the All My Sons Jacksonville movers and packers hope to remedy. We’ve outlined a list of the things that you’re more than likely going to want to pack, as well as some things that are better off being donated.


Things to Pack

Knowing how to pack is something that you can leave to your Jacksonville movers. Your job is to let us know “what” to pack. Here are some things that you may want to consider:


Aunt Perle’s Pearls

Family heirlooms, jewelry and precious gifts are always worth packing. In fact, it would be a tragedy if you were to misplace them. The items that are most important to you should be packed safely in a small box and kept with you always.



We’re not talking about your $1million dollar Picasso, we’re referring to your 7-year old’s macaroni sculpture. We all know that every child things that their drawings and crafts are amazing and that you should put them on display everywhere, and to be honest, they’re right. Your children are only going to go through childhood once. Take the time to appreciate them and the gifts that they put so much effort into. Maybe you don’t take EVERY piece of artwork that they create with you, but there are some things that will always put a smile on your face.


Things to Donate

There are going to be some things that you’re not going to bother using…ever. Think about it in these terms. If you were to be banished to a deserted island and only had to take half your belongings, what would be left behind?


The Dust Magnets

Did you know that if you were to visit your closet, you would find alien-like creatures in the corner? Well these creatures are appliances and other items that you forgot existed. These are the possessions that you absolutely want to donate as they don’t really serve much of a purpose. This is especially true for the mountain of exercise equipment that you have in your garage. Yeah, we know, one of these days…when you have free time…this weekend…after…yeah, just donate it.


Ugly Sweaters and Disco Shoes

Question…how much do you REALLY want that sweater from the office Christmas party? It was funny that one year but unless there’s some sentimental value attached to it, donate it. You’ll be doing yourself and everyone else a favor. The same goes for any clothing that you cannot fit into anymore or has been outdated. If those fabrics haven’t touched your skin in years, then it may be time to hang them up for good. When the All My Sons Jacksonville Movers and Packers arrive, make sure to inform them to NOT load that box.