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Tips for a Faster Move

Moving in a Hurry

In a perfect world, the average person starts the moving process at least eight weeks earlier in order to to pack all their belongings, plan the transition, and hire movers. Unfortunately, certain circumstances may require people to move right away so they need last-minute moving tips as well as moving companies to get them out of the house as soon as possible. If you do find yourself in that position, our Jacksonville movers have compiled a list of tips for a faster move.


Get Rid of as Much Stuff as You Can

Start getting rid of as much stuff in your house as possible. Sort through your clothes, determine if there is anything you can donate or give to friends and family. Clean out your fridge. Throw away any foods that have expired or won’t last through the move. Canned goods will be accepted at most local charities. Just double-check and see what the charity needs.


Start Packing

Unfortunately, if you are moving in a rush there is no time to organize a moving box to perfection. For a faster move, you just want to pack as quickly as you can. Don’t try and think about what goes where and making the boxes look clean. The goal here is to get your household items into the moving boxes as fast as you can with the time limit you were given. The most organized you can is to at least pack belongings from the same room into a box so at least you know when to set the box at the new house. Take pictures of the contents before closing the box for reference later and then label the box.


Ask for Help

When it comes to moving in a hurry, you need to ask others for help. The moving process requires a lot of hard work, usually something that is planned well in advance. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from just about anyone. Having a group of people helping you out will make the moving process go by faster and this is something that should not be handled alone. To reward the people who are helping you, provide snacks and water throughout the day and treat them to some take out or pizza when you get to the new house. After the move, you can also take them to get a coffee or drink at a local bar.


Hire Professional

Perhaps one of the best tips for a faster move is hiring a moving company. A professional mover will understand the time limit you have and get the job done efficiently. These are the people you can rely on to make sure you are out of the house and everything is packed and stowed away. Our local Jacksonville movers are the professionals you can rely on in times of stress. Our full-service moving company even has a Jacksonville packing service so the expert movers swiftly pack up your belongings quickly so you’re not overwhelmed with this tedious task on top of everything else. Trust the friendly professionals of All My Sons Moving & Storage get the job done when it comes to moving in a hurry. Call today for a free, no-obligation moving quote and let’s get started!