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Things You Should Know About Jacksonville

There is always a sense of anxiety that comes with moving. Being in a new place is always hard at first, especially when you do not know much about the city about to become your new home. There is no reason why anxiety can’t be turned into excitement, however. Before you move, it is always a great idea to become familiar with your new city.

There is a lot that makes living in Jacksonville exciting, but Katrine Strickland, Co-owner of Fun 4 First Coast Kids, a great resource for parents or families moving to the Jacksonville and St. Augustine area says the best thing about living in Jacksonville is its frequent transformations. “Jacksonville is a growing city with so much family fun to explore! We have beautiful beaches, a culturally-infused downtown, and many historical sites to visit and learn how the First Coast played an important role in our nation's history.”

Are you getting ready to make a move to Jacksonville? Our expert movers in Jacksonville from All My Sons Moving & Storage have a list of facts about Jacksonville, Florida, for you to check out before your move.

Facts About Jacksonville, Florida

You may have already been told some things you should know before moving to Jacksonville, Fl by friends or family, but our Jacksonville local movers have even more facts about Jacksonville, Florida to share with you before moving.

1. Jacksonville is a very large city.
One of our favorite facts about Jacksonville, Florida, is that Jacksonville not only has the largest population in Florida, but it also is the largest city in terms of area in the state as well. Without traffic, it would take about 45 minutes to drive from one end of Jacksonville to the other!

2. Be prepared for traffic.
You may consider this to be one of the stressful facts about Jacksonville, Florida. Since the population of Jacksonville is so high, during rush hour, you can expect prime traffic conditions.  This is one of the most important things you should know before moving to Jacksonville, Fl.

Most of the roads in Jacksonville are highways, so be prepared to stand still for a little while on your way home from work.

The roughly 1.4 million residents in Jacksonville trying to make it home too, feel your pain.

3. Jacksonville is not a very walkable city.
A downside to the facts about Jacksonville, Florida, is that unlike most cities, the walkability score in Jacksonville is very low and public transportation is not up to par. If you were planning to sell your car before moving to Jacksonville, think again. You are going to need it to get around quickly.

4. Jacksonville is not Jacksonville Beach.
Our Jacksonville residential movers want to share one of the confusing facts about Jacksonville, Florida with you so you know the difference. Each of the beaches in Jacksonville is considered to be their own cities. Each has its own mayor, city council, school board, etc. When you move to Jacksonville, visit Atlantic, Neptune, Ponte, and Vedra beach for some fun in the sun!

5. You will want to go to EverBank Field.
Even if you’re not the biggest fan of football, the Jacksonville Jaguars’ home field is something worth visiting. Why pay for tickets to sit in a seat like everyone else, when you can watch the game from a swimming pool. Yes, you read that right. There is a swimming pool in the north end zone of the stadium. We think this is the highlight of the facts about Jacksonville, Florida.

The city of Jacksonville is still growing its nightlife and attractions, but there are plenty of great reasons to move to Jacksonville regardless. You can visit Hemming Park, you’ll never be too far from a Publix (there are more than 50 locations in the city), and you can get a firsthand experience on the rise of craft breweries. When you’re ready to start packing, give us a call! Our professional movers are ready to tell you facts about Jacksonville, Florida while we assist with all your moving needs.