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The Ultimate One Week Moving Guide

You just got transferred to Jacksonville and you must be there in a week. Take a deep breath. All My Sons of Jacksonville will get you there quickly, safely and with outstanding customer care.


You’ll love Jacksonville. It’s on Florida’s northeast coast and has 221 sunshine days a year with temperatures in the lower nineties in summer and the lower forties in winter. It has good schools and plenty of outdoor activities. It’s home to the Jacksonville Jaguars and the PGA Players Championship.


1. Plan Your Move


Make a schedule of what you need to do including getting your utilities turned off, filling out a post office change of address and closing your bank account(s). Put Social Security cards, birth certificates, passports, vehicle titles and registrations, etc. in an “Important Documents” envelope.


2. Call Your Employer


Find out if your company pays for relocation expenses or reimburses you for them. Ask what receipts and other documentation you’ll need. Ask if they can recommend where to live in Jacksonville. Start a “Receipts” envelope.


3. Call Your Mover


You can handle your move yourself, but with only a one-week window, do you really want to do that? Hiring a team of professional Jacksonville Movers is probably your most realistic option. All My Sons of Jacksonville will give you as much help as you desire. We are happy to pack for you and will send the right number of movers with the necessary boxes and materials to pack your belongings quickly, efficiently and with the utmost care.


4. Call a Realtor


If you own your home, call a Realtor to arrange for its sale. Ask what you can expect your home to sell for based on recent sales in your neighborhood.


5. Find Your New Home


Call a Jacksonville Realtor if you want to buy a home. Give them as many details as possible regarding your budget, the style of home you prefer and your preferred area of town if you know. If you’d rather rent until you get a feel for Jacksonville, call a Jacksonville apartment finder. Tell them what size apartment you need and your employer’s address so they can find you something close to work.


6. Sort Your Belongings


Now is a great time to get rid of everything you don’t need. Make a “Donate” pile and a “Trash” pile. Call a local charity to pick up your donations and, if necessary, your trash company if you require bulk pick-up.


7. Pack Your Car(s)


Each family member should have their own suitcase with the essentials they’ll need while on the road including clothes, toiletries and a favorite book, game, or electronic gadget. If you’re moving to Jacksonville during the school year, the kids should have their own backpacks with needed school supplies. Don’t forget your “Receipts” and “Important Documents” envelopes and other necessities such as phone chargers.


8. Last-minute Details


Do a final walk-through of your home to make sure everything is turned off . Give your phone number to a relative or close friend so they can reach you if needed.


This step-by-step guide, plus your planning and all the help you’ll receive from your professional Jacksonville movers, will get you to your new home safely, securely and on time with minimum stress and your sanity intact. Welcome to Jacksonville!