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Ensure a Successful Home Appraisal With These Helpful Hints

Appraisals are an often integral part in selling one’s home. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways in which home owners can ensure their appraisal is an unbridled success. By utilizing the following methods, you can rest assured that you’ll be making arrangements with those Jacksonville movers and on your way to a new home before you know it.

Compile a List of Recent Renovations

Renovating one’s home can be a great way to increase its value. That’s why keeping a list of recent renovations on hand for appraisers is highly recommended. Such a list should include renovations both large and small, from new roof installations to minor updates within the home.

When putting together a list of updates, it’s a good idea to include the date the renovation took place, as well as the approximate cost. Typically, any renovations older than 15 to 20 years are not worth being included. Also, don’t discount a renovation based on its size. Things like installing new faucet fixtures or re-caulking showers can have a drastic impact on a home’s value, even though they may seem insignificant in light of more comprehensive changes.

Give Your Home a Thorough Cleaning

Many people let home upkeep get away from them thanks to busy work schedules and the like. While a lived in home may be perfectly comfortable to its inhabitants, things like excessive stains or discoloration must be addressed before an appraisal occurs. In this event, giving your home a thorough going-over can have a drastic effect on its final evaluation.

For instance, steam-cleaning one’s carpet can greatly affect the look of a home. Carpets can take quite a beating over time, and the cost of installing a brand new one may not be feasible for all homeowners. A simple cleaning can work wonders in this case, because it will imbue the home with a fresh look without the associated expense. To the same end, a fresh coat of paint is another low-cost way to improve one’s home immensely.

Make Lawn and Garden Care a Priority

Additionally, fixing up one’s lawn area before an appraisal can be equally beneficial. This should include basic landscaping care, such as pruning trees and bushes, removing unsightly weeds, etc. While lawn and garden care may not seem monumentally important, these features can actually influence the way others view your home.

Outdoor care is especially vital to the appraisal process thanks to the well-known concept of ‘curb appeal’. You want prospective buyers to fall in love with your home at the first glance, beginning with its exterior. While a lack of appropriate lawn maintenance may be easy enough to remedy, it can put a damper on the appeal of your home. This is the last thing a homeowner wants when trying to establish a home’s intrinsic value.

Make Your Home the Best It Can Be

When preparing for a home appraisal, even seemingly minor steps can have a huge impact on the final value. A good cleaning, making minimal upgrades, and bringing together a list of renovations can work wonders when undertaking a home appraisal. These measures are especially important when attempting to sell one’s home.