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How to Stage Your House in 5 Steps

Moving is an exciting prospect. Perhaps you accepted a new position in another state, or maybe you have decided it is time to upgrade to a larger house because of your growing family. No matter why you need a new house, you cannot feel completely at ease until you sell your old house. If you do not sell your current house in a timely manner, you run the risk of having to make two house payments. That can drain even the most balanced budgets dry. You can help your current house to sell itself by staging it properly.

Staging is the process of presenting your house to potential buyers. Although you will most likely be calling Jacksonville movers to come and take your furniture away, before you do so you can arrange it so that it shows off the different rooms of your home to their best advantage. Here are five steps to consider if you want your home to make an impression.

1. Cleanliness

Many people think that staging a home means that you buy all new accessories, repaint the walls, or even renovate the kitchen or bathrooms. While those things can be beneficial, you can make the biggest difference for the least amount of money by making your house sparkle from a thorough cleaning.

2. Clutter

Even if you do not pay a great deal of attention to your décor on an everyday basis, when staging it is important to remove clutter and mismatched knick-knacks. People can become uncomfortable in rooms that are too crowded with things. This may mean putting some of your possessions into storage, but clearing clutter can be well worth it when you showcase your open and airy house.

3. Color

The scarlet painted walls of your dining room could be all the rage in the decorating world, but potential buyers may not like the idea of repainting over bright colors. If you have the time, you should definitely consider repainting the walls of rooms that are bright or trendy. You can add other accents of color in the form of temporary accessories, but try not to have permanent bold colors.

4. Comfort

Try creating inviting spaces in your home. A reading nook or a cozy living room with comfortable looking chairs can make people feel welcome and help them to imagine inviting their own guests to the house. It is best to help people’s imaginations as they are shopping for houses since they will most likely be looking at several per day. You want them to remember yours.

5. Clear Away the Space

If the Jacksonville movers you hired have already packed up your things and moved them, it is okay. Focus on keeping your house spotlessly clean and aired out so that it never smells musty. If you plan ahead, you could take photos of the rooms when they are decorated and allow visitors to look at the photos as they tour the house.

If you are having trouble selling your home, you may need to consider implementing some of these staging tips. Once you have done all that you can do, stay confident. If you are patient, the buyers will come to you.