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Simple Tips To Make Moving Easier

There are many reasons that you and other families decide to move. You may want to downsize or to get into a bigger home. Your move may be prompted by job relocation or the desire to live in a more family friendly area. No matter what the reasons behind the move, or how much excitement there is, a move can become a stressful situation. However, a few simple steps and suggestions from Jacksonville Movers can ease the move and make it just a little bit smoother.

Begin by creating a schedule. List makers may already have this step down. The trick is to establish an organization schedule that you can stick to. You’ll want to have a record of what you have packed in each of the boxes. Number each box and then record the contents on your chart. Create a calendar and keep track of important dates, such as: when you need to cancel or move subscriptions, when realtors need to be called, when paperwork should be completed, when utilities should be shut off, and when to forward your mail, etc.

It will also be a good idea to have a list of contact information for each of those people or organizations, and any other people involved in your move. Be sure to keep this organization schedule in a handy place, so that you can refer to it quickly and consistently.  Include a folder or envelope in the binder to store all of your moving receipts, especially if it is a work related move. Be sure to include a schedule for the actual day of the move.

Next, gather together necessary supplies. Your packing and move will go much more smoothly if you have all of your supplies ready from the very beginning. Even if you intend to have your Jacksonville Movers do the packing and moving for you, there will be some items that you prefer to package yourself. Many of the supplies that you’ll need for packing are easily available from Jacksonville Movers and some of the supplies you might already have on hand. Some of the supplies that you’ll need are boxes, boxes, boxes – of all shapes and sizes, plenty of strong packing tape, labels, markers, newsprint, etc.

Wrap up business in the house you’re leaving. This is a good time to return any items that you’ve borrowed from neighbors or to get your belongings back. Complete any repairs that need to be done on your home. This will be especially important if you are leaving a rented residence and you want your deposit back. Eat up the food in your fridge and set aside a new grocery budget for when you’ve moved into your new home.

Prepare the new house before moving in. You’ll want to be sure that the utilities are working when you move in. It will be nice to have the use of a telephone or even Internet if possible. Make sure that the appliances like the refrigerator and heater are working. You don’t want to have cold showers for a week just after you move in. If you can get a clear floor plan of the new home, then you can label all of your boxes as you pack them. This way the boxes can be moved directly into the correct rooms by anyone who is helping you with the move.

With a little bit of organization and forethought, you should find that this move goes smoothly and with fewer upsets than the last time you moved. Most Jacksonville Movers will be happy to share more helpful tips and suggestions about your upcoming move.