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Share Your Moving Responsibilities With the Jacksonville Movers

When the time comes for you to move, there will be plenty of things on your mind; finding a new home, checking out the schools, and organizing your paperwork are just a few. With everything that has to be done, a move can be overwhelming. One thing you can do to alleviate some stress is to hire Jacksonville movers to pack your stuff and move for you. This means that you won’t have to worry about gathering boxes, deciding what to pack and when, or how you are going to get that heavy piano onto the truck. However, in order for this move to go smoothly and as stress-free as possible, there are a few steps of preparation you should take.

One of the first steps to take is to de-junk your home. Whether you pay by the hour or for the amount of packing to do, you don’t want to pay extra to transport stuff that you don’t really need or want. Go through every room of the house and chuck out or donate anything that you don’t absolutely want to take with you.

Next, be aware of the items that professional movers will not move. You can usually get a list from the moving company of items that you will take care of yourself. Things on the list may include household cleaners, paints, important paperwork, prescription drugs, some types of plants, and pets. If you want to take these items with you, then you’ll have to make arrangements to transport them on your own.  Before the movers arrive, choose a room or a neighbor’s home where your pets can stay to alleviate some of their stress and to make sure that they are out of the movers’ way.


You can speed up the moving process a bit by unplugging your appliances and wrapping up the cords so that they don’t get tangled during the move. If you have a complicated cable set-up, take a picture of the network so that it is easy to get everything reassembled when you arrive at the new home.

Whether you plan to pack on your own or pay the movers to pack for you, protect your belongings with some type of moving insurance. No matter how carefully wrapped up and how experienced the movers, there is always the potential for accidents. You may be able to purchase insurance through the movers. There are two common options: coverage by the pound and comprehensive coverage. You’ll pay more for the second option, but it will also cover all of the damages you might experience.

Finally, be kind to the movers. While it is true that they are getting paid to do this work for you, the movers are still human and will appreciate your gesture. You may consider providing cool water during the move or offer the movers some snacks if they are there during meal times. Individually wrapped bars, energy bars, and a variety of different drinks can be very welcome to workers on a hot or very busy day. Some homeowners have kept cash available in order to give the movers a tip for their hard work.

Moving is hard work. Share some of your load with Jacksonville movers so that the process is less stressful and more exciting.