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Selling Your home in the Summer

Summertime can really be a good time to sell a home. People seem to be more relaxed, some take their vacation time off from work to get personal projects done not to mention that your landscaping and outdoor area looks great. Outdoor spaces can really add a lot of value to a home. Think of backyards, patios, children's play area, built-in grills, gazebos, those are all variations on what can really make summer selling easier.

The National Association of Home Builders recently noticed a trend among young homebuyers. They say that young homebuyers are looking for a connection between indoor and outdoor spaces, even in colder weather when the outdoor area of the home is used only for a limited time.

If you're trying to sell your home during the summer, make sure you keep it cool. Have your air conditioning at a comfortable temperature, especially during open house days. If you feel that the air conditioning might make the house too cold, turn on your ceiling fans or keep the windows open for a natural breeze. If it's too hot in there, your home can have bad odors, especially if you have carpet.

Make sure your front and backyard are maintained and landscaped. If you have a pool, make sure it's clean so its showcased in the best way. Try having a few lounge chairs and other patio furniture around to make the space look very inviting.

You can do this yourself, or hire a professional for the summer who can come in and touch up once a week. If potential homebuyers comment on your overall outdoor areas, you can always share with them contact name of the landscaping companies you work with. This will make them confident that if they did buy the house, they can keep it maintained as well. You can take it a step further and stage patio areas. Add fresh flowers to a table, plates, glasses, even a nice tablecloth. This can really help sell the home.

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