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How To Sell Your House After You Have Already Moved

Sometimes, you have no choice but to move before your house has sold. As if moving wasn’t stressful enough, moving when you haven’t sold your old home can make you feel very nervous. Once the Jacksonville movers have moved all of your things from your old home to your new home, your home can be even tougher to sell. Thankfully, there are several things you can do to make that process easier.

Keep It Clean

Perhaps the most important part of making sure your house sells is making sure it looks, feels, and smells clean. When your house is empty, every single blemish is going to become that much more obvious. You won’t have the area rug to hide the imperfect carpet or the furniture to hide that minor scuff in the wall. Since your potential home buyers will have nothing to look at but the walls, appliances, and floors, it’s important to make sure they are in excellent condition. Doing a thorough cleaning of your home is important as soon as you move out. Scrub every inch of the bathroom, wash the walls, and make sure the floors are in good shape. If you have carpet, it’s a good idea to have them professionally cleaned. This can help them look like new again. If you have hard wood floors, make sure any scuffs or scratches are taken care of. If the paint on your walls has some scuff marks, consider repainting or at least painting over the imperfections. Make sure the appliances in your kitchen are completely clean and in good working order. Make sure that you are there to maintain the home, dusting and getting rid of cobwebs that are sure to show up when no one is living there.

Hire Someone For Yard Work

Something that can determine whether or not your house is likely to sell is the curb appeal. Many people will drive by the house and instantly make the decision of whether or not they want to see the inside based on how it looks from the outside. This means it’s important to keep the grass mowed, the landscaping in good condition, and the weeds taken care of. Make sure that you have stopped your newspaper service and forwarded all of your mail so you don’t have paper scattered all over your yard.

Take Pictures

Taking pictures before you move is a good idea. This helps give the house a homier feel. It may be hard for people to envision themselves in the home when it’s completely empty. Seeing pictures of the home with furniture in it may make them feel like it’s a more welcoming place.

Look Out For Vandalism

When word gets out that your house is empty, it often becomes a target for vandalism. You can help deter this by getting some sensor porch lights that turn on whenever movement is detected. If you have a security system, don’t cancel your service until your home is sold. Ask former neighbors to keep an eye out and call the police if they notice anything suspicious.

If you haven’t sold your home before the Jacksonville movers have moved all of your stuff, don’t panic. Following these tips will help your house sell in no time.