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Safety Tips for Your Move to Jacksonville

Your moving day is fast approaching and you’re most likely trying to wrap up last-minute relocation tasks such as updating important documents, confirming the installation of a security system in the new home, and so on. However, what may not cross your mind is your safety throughout the move. When doing a DIY move to Jacksonville, you must remember that your safety is at risk when lifting and carrying heavy objects. Our Jacksonville movers share safety tips for your move to town. If you’re not able to DIY your move, you can always contact our Florida movers to take the strain of moving off your shoulders.

Different Box Sizes

If you decide not to opt for our Jacksonville packing services, keep the box-weight ratio in mind when packing your valuables. Different sized moving boxes are designed to carry a certain amount of weight, and going over the limit puts your back, knees, and other joints at risk of strain or injury. Therefore, a safety tip to keep in mind when packing is to have no more than 50 pounds for a small box, 65 pounds for a medium box, and 70 pounds for a large box. For extra-large boxes, refrain from packing bulk or heavy items and instead, pack towels, comforters, clothes and other light, but bulky, articles.

Lifting Techniques

Another safety tip to follow for your move to Jacksonville are the safe lifting protocols for boxes and furniture. The basics of heavy lifting is to keep your spine properly aligned as you squat from the knees only.1 Keep heavy loads close to the body when carrying them out from the house to the moving truck in order to maintain your balance. When making turns, don’t twist from the feet, instead do so from your hips.

Dress for the Job

When moving out of your home, your first priority isn’t to look stylish while doing so. Instead, focus on dressing the part to make moving more manageable for you. Another safety tip to consider when moving to Jacksonville is to dress in clothing that is breathable and allows you to be flexible. Refrain from wearing clothing that is too loose or big because they can inhibit your movement or make you trip as you’re loading and unloading. For your feet, wear either sneakers or boots to help maintain your balance. Wearing open-toed or open back shoes or flip flops make you more prone to slips and falls.

Use a Cart or Dolly

Make it easier on yourself by using a cart or dolly to shoulder the weight of your heavy loads. Just because you can lift and carry a heavy box, doesn’t mean you should as you’re more likely to injure yourself. You can easily find dollies available for purchase or rental at hardware stores or local moving companies.

Safe Moving with All My Sons

When you hire our Jacksonville movers to help you move into your new home, you won’t have to worry so much about risking injury. Our highly-trained Florida movers use safety techniques to move your furniture and other valuables without you having to break a sweat or your back. Don’t wait, contact our moving company in Jacksonville for your free, moving quote today!




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