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Update on the Robo-Signing Situation

The Huffington Post just reported that the Office Comptroller of the Currency issued all the names of the independent auditors that will be reviewing the files of Americans who have been mistreated during foreclosure proceedings. But critics aren’t confident that these audits will be effective, mainly because these auditors are chosen by the banks. The OCC had to still approve the auditors and some were rejected because of conflicts of interest.

The local Jacksonville moving specialists have reported on robo-signing in the past through online articles and All My Sons of Jacksonville blogs. This has been a subject of much debate, with robo-signing victims out of homes and financial struggles for all.

Over four million Americans who lost their homes can potentially qualify for this free review. These reviews are for those who were living in their homes and some stage of foreclosure proceedings during 2009 or 2010. They also have to have been have serviced by one of the 24 companies that were hired by 14 banks that are currently under scrutiny for their foreclosure practices.

The Huffington post reports though that if there are mistakes found, the remedies are still not clear. There are speculations though, maybe a check, maybe corrections on credit reports, reimbursement for lost equity or reinstated in their home if it’s still owned by the bank.

The local Jacksonville movers learnt that critics aren’t too happy with these auditors because their set of qualifications are really low. They say there’s no transparency or accountability to figuring out who were these robo-signing victims. Financial institutions that are backing this entire process are saying that there’s enough control and it’s legitimate.

All My Sons of Jacksonville will continue reporting on this robo-signing auditors and the new findings as the information comes in through the various news medias. In the meantime, should you need trustworthy movers who are experienced in all types of moves including commercial, call the local Jacksonville movers. We’re a reputable moving company with plenty of moving offices across the U.S. and satisfied customers nationwide. The Jacksonville moving specialists will quilt pad wrap your delicate furniture and help you with assembling and disassembling your heavier and more complicated items. With All My Sons of Jacksonville, all of your moving needs will be taken care of so you don’t have to worry about a thing.