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6 Remodeling Trends

Regardless of whether you are remodeling a family home, building a brand new house, or updating a property you plan on selling for an upcoming move, these recent remodeling trends will instantly give your home a facelift. But be careful, if it is the latter of the three, the results from these remodeling ideas will make you want to reconsider packing and moving after all.

  1. Metal. Recently, metal has become a focal point in home decorations. While it was used mainly as an accent in previous years, now homeowners have begun blending metals as a way to add an element of depth and interest to rooms; such as bathrooms and kitchens. If the idea of adding metal scares you a bit, try adding different types of woods to your home for a more low-key take on the trend.
  2. Connect. Turn your home into a smart house by jumping on the technology-advances trend. This not only adds convenience and flexibility to your home; it also doesn’t break the bank. Take advantage of tablets and apps to create an incredibly connected home that will make all of its residents lives much easier. You can download apps to turn your lights on and off, send reminders to buy milk, create lighting ambiance, and alert you when you need to replace your smoke alarm batteries.
  3. Eco-Friendly. If you do not want to go the technology route, then try your hand at making your home more energy-efficient and eco-friendly. Invest in eco-friendly supplies that will save energy and lower your home costs in the long run. Considering ideas such as investing in bamboo floors that come from plants with low-impact waste cycles, does wonders for the community around you.
  4. Upgrade. Transform your attic from a dark storage filled lair, into an escape for the entire home. Recently, turning your attic in rooms; such as: a guest room, game room, glorified walk-in closet, meditation center, library, and so much more has become the trend that allows homeowners to add an extra room without having to completely remodel their home. Find ways to brighten the dark space – whether it be by using white paint or whitewashed wood floors.
  5. Accessibility. If you plan on growing old with your significant other in your home, remodel it in a way that takes into account the changing needs that you both are going to have. Look at options such as getting rid of potential tripping hazards and stairs, in favor of other options that will be conducive to you and your family growing old together in your home.
  6. Personalize It. Who says that you have to stick with just one style trend? Mix styles that appeal to you for a look completely unique to your home. Use this mix and match approach to create some interest and depth to your decorations – whether it be throwing antiques and modern elements together, or mixing and matching different types of fabrics and textures throughout your home.