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Do You Know About Relocation Sales?

Do You Know About Relocation Sales?By now the local Jacksonville movers are sure you know about short sales, foreclosure sales, even all-cash sales. But do you know about relocation sales? That’s a relocation sale of a home because of an employee’s out-of-town job transfer. A relo is a home sale that’s completed with the help of a relocation firm.

 The All My Sons of Jacksonville learned these companies help with the details of transferring employees to a new location. This can include hiring professional movers, finding rental homes or possibly help them sell their old home if they’re homeowners.The local Jacksonville movers learned the sales assistance is done in two stages. For the first few months the house is on the market, it stays in the employee’s name. At this point the relocation company helps with pricing and marketing as well as overall advice. If it’s not sold during that stage, the employee’s company may totally or partially buy out the house, freeing the employee to buy a house in a new location…closer to his new job location. After the employer buys the house, the relocation company becomes the chief party in sale negotiations. 

So once the relocation company is involved, there’s an advantage for a buyer because there’s no emotional attachment to the property. The buyer won’t be dealing with an owner who has lived in the house, just a motivated seller. It’s more of a business transaction, typically with a simpler negotiation process. The buyer can count on the home being fairly priced, with the relocation firm just trying to get back the money it spent on buying the property in the first place. There’s less of an emphasis on making profit, which can turn into savings for the buyer. The All My Sons of Jacksonville movers also learned these types of properties tend to be in better condition because many relocation firms take on the repairs themselves.

 So do you see a relocation sale in your future? If you do, don’t forget to call the local Jacksonville movers for a professional moving day when you’re ready. We’re part of the All My Sons Moving and Storage moving company with reliable movers across the state, so you can trust us.