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Watch Out Real Estate Scams

Due to the not so great economy, many scams in different fields have risen lately. From online-car buying scams, health insurance scams and free trial scams amongst others. The Jacksonville local movers found out thanks to Walletpop.com about two real estate scams that are part of these. There’s one mortgage loan audit scam that the FTC calls the calls the latest twist in foreclosure prevention scams. The way the scam works is that a phony auditor backed by attorneys who claim they found laws your mortgage lender violated can get you off the hook. The scammers behind this only care about using people’s vulnerability to their advantage. They seek out financially-strapped homeowners and ask for an upfront fee of several hundreds of dollars to review people’s loan documents. Vulnerable homeowners fall for that because they are desperately looking for a solution and help keeping up with their mortgage and avoiding foreclosure. The real estate scammers promise to find out whether the lender complied with sate and federal mortgage lending laws. Protect yourself and watch out for anyone who promises to stop the foreclosure process for you or recommends that your mortgage payments directly go to the auditor rather than your lender. Also, if they give you instruction of not to contact your lender, lawyer or credit agency, you are most likely being scammed.

Another real estate scam, the Jacksonville moving specialists found out about is called the loan modification scam which promises homeowners ways to remedy and avoid eviction. Families wanting to get out of debt keep falling for these scams and keep paying a lot of money to get assistance but the never actually do. The Loan Modification Scam Prevention Network, led by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, the Lawyer’s Committee for Civil Rights Under Law and NeigborWorks America has rallied resources to launch a website called Prevent Loan Scams that will help homeowners understnd their rights and not fall for the real estate scams anymore. If you, unfortunately been foreclosed on or evicted and need to move our of your home to a new location, don’t hesitate to call the reliable Jacksonville movers for a professional residential move at an affordable price. We’re backed by generations of moving experience not to mention a solid reputation throughout our U.S. All My Sons Moving and Storage moving offices. Get online to get your free moving quote so you can set up your moving day as early as possible.