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Real Estate Apps

With all the technology out there, searching for your dream home has been much easier lately. Gone are the days of newspaper listings and visiting each and every house to take a look at what’s inside. These days there’s so much information online with pictures, stats, virtual tours and even applications for your PCs, Ipads and smartphones to help you search and sort through all of your options. AOL commented on some of these new apps:

Realtor.com is the listing site from the National Association of Realtors. They recently introduced the new iPad app that allows you to access more listings. It features a function that lets you select an area you’re interested by just drawing a line on a map. You can also highlight properties, save them, rate them and post comments at the same time.

Buyfolio.com allows you to gather all the information you’ve accumulated on various properties you’re considering in your search. There are several categories to which you can “drag” the property listing to including “To see,” “Saw and liked,” and “Didn’t like.” You can add comments and notes to your listings. Buyfolio.com also reminds you of homes you didn’t like with a “you already rejected this” message.

Nestio.com, available only to New Yorkers, uses comparison tools to streamline apartment rentals. So if you’re looking to rent in NYC, this is for you.

Ziprealty finds your location and magically populates a map with all the recent sales in the area. It also links up to two websites to give you a home valuation so you can see what you can expect to pay for that house.

Houzz.com, an interior-design aggregator, lets you flip through a wealth of idea books with photos, room categories and contact information for the firm hats responsible for the décor. Some people have fun uploading their own ideas.

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