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Questions to Ask Your Jacksonville Auto Movers

Whether you want to save the mileage on your lease or you want to move your family minivan to a new home, you’ll want to find Jacksonville auto movers you can trust. When on the lookout for auto movers, we think that there are four important questions to ask. You’ll get a better idea of which moving company is right for all your auto transport needs.

Ask Auto Transporters These Questions Before Hire

Are You Registered?

Auto movers in Jacksonville must be registered with the U.S. Department of Transportation. If the auto relocation company is registered, they’ll provide you with their DOT number. If they offer interstate car transport, they’ll show you their Moto Carrier number. You can perform a small background check using these numbers on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website.

What Services Do You Offer?

Do the auto movers you are considering offer local and interstate moving? What types of vehicles can they transport, and what are their size limits? Do their car transport services come with open or enclosed carriers? What precautions do they take to ensure your vehicle’s safety? These are all worthwhile questions to ask. At All My Sons Moving & Storage, our Jacksonville movers maintain some of the highest safety and security standards in the auto relocation industry to ensure your vehicle arrives at your destination safe and sound. We also provide the latest in tracking technology and a personal moving consultant so that you can keep track of your vehicle while it is in transit.

How Much Will It Cost?

Almost all auto transporters will provide a free quote. Since car transport rates vary based on the type of vehicle, the distance travelled, and other factors, it is best to ask for a free, no-obligation quote from your Jacksonville auto movers. Inquire about any discounts or ask if you can negotiate for a better rate, especially if you are a family that needs to move multiple cars to your new home.

What Documents Will You Need?

Vehicles can only be moved across state lines if your auto movers or movers can provide the proper documentation. Most Jacksonville local movers will need copies of your registration and insurance documents. Other documents and permits may be needed, depending on where you are transporting your car, just be sure to discuss with your auto relocation company about any legal requirements.

For more information on auto transport services and how our auto movers can help you move your vehicle, contact All My Sons Moving & Storage today.