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Questions to Ask Yourself While Sorting Through Stuff to Take to Your New Home

Moving is the perfect time to go through your clutter and decide what you need and what will just add to the boxes that the Jacksonville movers that you hire will take over to your new home. A few weeks before you move, take the opportunity to go through your things and decide what you want to take with you and what you could go without. If you are having a hard time throwing things out or making a pile to donate, here are a few questions you should ask yourself when an items comes up for questioning.

Can I replace this item easily?

Some items can be replaced more easily than others. For example, the skis that you used once for a college snow trip can be replaced much more easily than the broach your grandmother left you a few months before she passed. Ask yourself whether or not you’d be willing to let go of an item based on the fact that you could recover it easily for little cost if the situation ever arises where you might need it again.

Where will I put this in my new home?

You may be moving to a bigger space or you might be downsizing a tad to save on rent. Even if you are upgrading in terms of space doesn’t mean that you should take everything with you. Take inventory of what furniture will go where and what items will go in what closets. Anything that won’t have a designated and specific place to go should be gotten rid of.  Whatever you do, try and refrain from using a spare bedroom to put things that you don’t know what to do with.

Is it actually worth any money?

Let’s face it. Everyone has things that they collect with hopes that it will someday be worth a fortune. Unfortunately, the chances of a collection of a stuffed animals or premier race car toys being worth enough to retire early down the road are slim. If you have a hard time deciding whether or not your beloved collection of porcelain figures will be worth something eventually, take it to a local appraiser or fellow collector that specializes in that area. If the verdict is that keeping these things around won’t get you anywhere financially, it may be time to say goodbye.

Am I taking this just because it won’t hurt anything?

Sometimes, there are a few tiny things that the Jacksonville movers you hire won’t really have to put much effort into moving. For example, that picture your mother-in-law gave you for your birthday that you hate but it isn’t a hassle to move may just make it through too many moves if you aren’t careful. Be sure to not take small items with you that you don’t use just because they can fit easily in a box with other things.

Sorting through your things before the Jacksonville movers that you hired to move your stuff arrive will save you time when you are unpacking your things. Be honest with yourself when you are deciding what to keep and don’t feel bad if you decide to throw out an ugly vase someone gave you if it holds no sentimental value.