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Protecting your Assets in a Long Distance Move

For most people, moving from one coast to the other is both exciting and grueling. The prospect of moving to a fun city or a new climate can be reason to smile. Getting a new job can make people feel optimistic about their financial future. Yet a lot of planning and energy must go into such a big move, especially if you have a family. There can be a lot of stress involved, especially when you are worried about prized family heirlooms and mementos, fragile furniture, essential equipment for your new career, or simply important personal documents. Grandpa Ben’s dresser will be safe if precautions are taken, but that’s not all you have to worry about. Getting expert help is never a bad idea. For example, in Florida, Jacksonville movers can help people plan as well as pack and do the heavy lifting of furniture and appliances. That helps to ensure that your stress is minimized, and the big move goes smoothly.

How the Professionals Protect your Belongings

A long distance move has many variables. A moving van may encounter bad traffic, potholes, and bad weather in hundreds of miles. Luckily, savvy professional movers have the equipment and the knowledge to effectively quilt wrap antique furniture so it will move hundreds of miles without a scratch. They can disassemble certain pieces of furniture for better packing. At the destination, of course, they will reassemble it. Moving professionals have a variety of well-constructed boxes, and they understand how to wrap your precious family china so it will arrive intact at your new home. They will also have a plan for those oddly shaped items that are difficult to box, such as a large painting or a bicycle. With years of expertise, movers wrap your items appropriately, and then like puzzle masters, they figure out how to fit everything perfectly in their truck so all of your possessions are safe for the long ride.

Feel Secure About your Move

Knowledgeable Jacksonville movers can help coastal transplants in many ways. They know the business and they can recommend an overall plan for moving. They might remind you about shutting off utilities, completing change of address forms, and securing important documents well before you change hometowns. Other items to secure, and perhaps copy, could include a will, vehicle titles, birth certificates, and insurance policies. After making copies of the documents, put them in a secure place such as a locking briefcase. You may also want to consider purchasing insurance to cover the move. Homeowner’s insurance will not usually cover mishaps between residences. The moving company has to carry basic liability insurance, but that may not be enough to replace everything. Two options exist for insuring your goods, lump sum and valued inventory. With lump sum insurance, you get to estimate how much all of your belongings are worth. Items individually valued in excess of $500 may need to be documented separately. With valued inventory insurance, you have to write down every item you want insured. Either method of insuring your belongings could be a huge help getting back to normal if something goes wrong on the move.

By understanding what documents and papers are essential, and considering what possessions are most valuable to you, it is easier to plan for a life change like a cross-country move. Protecting those valuables will set your mind at ease and make the process go smoother.