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Stay Safe In Your Own Home

The Jacksonville movers are always looking out for you and providing you with information related to moving, real estate and everything in between like homebuying advice and more. This article focuses on how to stay safe in your new home and avoid being the victim of a burglary. With the help of an article found on MSN, All My Sons of Jacksonville presents effective ways to protect your home from burglaries:

An obvious way to be safer in your own home, is to buy or rent in a good location. Choose a good neighborhood with the help of a realtor or even by researching online. Find out some statistics about your prospect neighborhood, try Bestplaces for current data. Police city departments can also help in your research with crime rates statistics. Make sure to also visit the neighborhood during different times, see what it feels like during the day and night. This will give you a sense of whether or not you can feel safe there.

The Jacksonville movers also suggest you don’t open the door without checking to see who’s on the other side. Ask yourself if you’re expecting someone. Teach your children not to open the door to strangers as well.

Many families leave each other their keys under door mats, flowerpots, fake rocks and mailboxes. Burglars know this and that’s the first place they check. So avoid doing so and have everyone that lives in the same house have their own key.

You can always have the police come into your house to do a home-security inspection to tell you all about the ‘weaknesses’ and advises you on alarm systems, your locks and even lighting.

Many areas have neighborhood watch programs. And even if they don’t, you can always start one. This obviously helps reduce crime and adds value to your property because your neighborhood becomes more valued because of its safety.

The Jacksonville movers also say that a protective dog can help your home be safer. Don’t forget to place that ‘Beware of Dog’ sign too.

The article on MSN reminds us that your address sign in front of your house should be very visible. In case of emergency, you want the police or firefighters to find your place really fast. If it’s not visible, it makes it harder for help to get to you.

If you’re going away for a vacation or a business trip, you can always leave a few lights on or even your car in the driveway if possible. This way it looks like someone is home. If you have a digital timer to set off a few lights at different times, that can help too.

All My Sons of Jacksonville hopes that this helps you make your home safer and escape the horrors of burglaries. Make sure to do some of these home security improvements and keep your family safe.