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No Over Pricing Your Home

Real estate is definitely a different industry these days. The landscape across the nation is not the same anymore. People are having a hard time selling their homes, potential home buyers are having a tough time getting loans form banks and home ownership is going underwater just like many mortgages. However, for the lucky ones, selling their houses and moving into newer digs is an option. But pricing their homes sometimes stands in their way. Zillow, a real estate search engine, reports that many home sellers are unrealistic when it comes to placing a price tag on their home. They ask for considerably more than they would like to get, turning off some buyers and their realtors.

Zillow found that homeowners who bought after 2007 were even more realistic in pricing their home for sale…sometimes up to 14% over market value. This compared to people who bought their homes between 2002 and 2006, pricing their houses by only 9% more than market value.

The Jacksonville local moving specialists know that market value can sometimes be tricky, because even if a home is being compared with others in a neighborhood, it might have specific upgrades or even an extra room that might not resemble the other homes and should have more value. When the housing is part of a condominium for example, it’s easier to compare because most likely all units resemble each other, right down to the floor plan and countertops.

If you’re seriously considering selling your home so you can move to a new neighborhood, the local Jacksonville moving company reminds you to be careful and aware of how you price your home. If you aim too high, you risk not having any realtor want to showcase your home to any buyer. Even if a bigger price tag means bigger commission, a realtor rather spend his or her time on selling multiple homes that are priced right.

Buyers also won’t give you too much attention, figuring your home is out of their budget, even though they might be able to negotiate with you, some rather not deal with it.

Another risk of pricing too high is that even if you’re lucky enough to get your full asking price, it might take too long. During that time, you might lose the chance to purchase a home you were interested in because it was sold to someone else. The length of time the house is on the market might not justify all the work that goes into selling a home.

When you do find the right buyer for your home, make sure to hire the Jacksonville movers to help you move into your new dream home. We’ll quilt-pad wrap your delicate furniture and safely move your personal belongings so you can have a hassle-free move. All My Sons of Jacksonville is a reputable moving company with a network of professional moving offices across the nation, so you have nothing to worry about.