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Properly Packing Your Kitchen

No room seems more daunting when packing up your home than your kitchen. With a seemingly endless supply of gadgets stuffed into drawers, cabinets, and pantries, the amount of stuff to pack can be overwhelming. Your Jacksonville moving company knows that the key to a stress-free move is having a plan. So before you begin wrapping up your dishes, read our steps for packing your kitchen in a few steps.

Dump or Donate

Packing your kitchen can be a big project, because it’s probably chock-full of things that you do not need. Whether it is broken gadgets, rusty pots and pans, or food, get rid of stuff that no longer serves its purpose. If you decide that you are going to pack up spices and baking supplies, check the expiration dates. That goes for vitamins and supplements too. If you have multiple sets of dishes, really think if you use them all. If not, those are great to donate; same goes for utensils and cookware. If you end up with a decent amount of usable items, you can even have a garage sale before you move to help pay for the cost of moving.

What to Pack First

It is best to pack larger items that are not frequently used, first. This includes: vases, Tupperware, mixing bowls, baking sheets, cooking utensils, and serving platters. This will take big items out of your cupboards, which will make you feel like you are making progress. It will also ensure that you have enough boxes to accommodate bigger things, and you can fill in smaller items around them.

Wrap Up Your Goods

Take the time to wrap your breakable goods in bubble wrap or newspaper. This means wrapping all of your dishes, bowls, and glasses. You will be thankful that you took the time to do this when you open your boxes and nothing is broken. We recommend getting cell boxes for glasses and stemware so each piece has its own cubby. Pack up your pots, pans, and other small appliances like blenders during this time as well. Make sure that all small appliances are clean and dry before you wrap and pack them.

Tackle the Pantry

You likely threw away a ton of stuff from your pantry when you initially organized everything. Now it is time to pack what remains. This will include: canned goods, unopened boxes and bags, spices, and baking items like flour. If there are open boxes or bags that you want to take, securely shut them with tape and rubber bands.

Your Go-To Items

It is a good idea to pack a separate box of things that you will need right away in your new home. This can include things like your main dishes and utensils, cutlery, small appliances like your coffeemaker and toaster, and a set of dishtowels. Make sure that you will be able to easily identify it once it is off of the truck!

Moving to a new home in Jacksonville can be stressful, but moving companies know that having a plan for packing can make a huge difference. Once your kitchen is neatly packed into boxes, you will feel a big weight off your shoulders. And remember, boxes that are neatly packed will be much easier to unpack!