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The Pride of Homeownership

Owning a home is one of the things of that long to-do list that most people carry along with them throughout their lives. Even when the real estate market is down, foreclosures and struggles are up, most people still want to attain this dream. The warmth and fuzzy feelings along with memories that are made in one’s home are really priceless.

Owning a home is a way to get settled, set up a foundation and grow up in a way. Many people are looking to buy a home when they’re in a serious relationship or possible married and looking to set up a family. Others, who are part of the single population, see it as a place to call their own and possible an investment of their hard earned money.

When you own your place, you become part of a community. You look to live in that home for more than a few years and meet people who are in similar situations. Your neighbors can become long time friends and you build plenty of relationships around you, from your favorite baker to the local clerk at the bank. These relationships become important over time. There’s a very big sense of belonging when you own your own home. You have a place.

Owning a home also means you have the space to create all the wonderful memories in your life. Some you can capture on camera and some you can’t. Imagine the first steps your baby will take in your kitchen. Or your daughter’s first date. A house you own will always be your home and your children’s home. You might even be lucky enough to have your grandchildren visit.

When you’re paying the mortgage that also allows you to call all the shots. If you want to paint your walls, you can. If you’d like to upgrade your kitchen, you can. You’re in charge of your space and can transform it however you like. In some cases, you can even add a home extension and add a room for a growing family. All you’ll have to do is get building permits and make sure you’re within the law of your municipality. Homeownership makes a lot of sense, logically and emotionally.

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