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Open Houses That Rock

Selling a home these days is not an easy task. Throwing an open house is one way to showcase your home and have numerous people visit instead of showing it on a one on one basis. An open house requires a very clean home with clutter-free closets, pantries and very organized corners. An open house has to be organized just like an event. You need to get a lot of people there so you can maximize your potential of selling your property. Real estate agents use technology all the time to market the homes they're representing. There are real estate websites as well as apps to help bring the crowds to open houses complete with maps and directions.

At the open house, it's a good idea to have a few flyers with information and detailed pictures of the house that's for sale. For those who don't have access to the internet quite as easily as others, having something to take away after their visit will help remind them of a specific home.

Get help from your neighbors to set apart your open house from others. Getting them involved and meeting potential buyers is a great idea. They can talk about the neighborhood like no one else. They probably live in similar houses with similar floor plans and can emphasize on the benefits of living in the area. Send invitations to your neighbors, make them feel welcomes at your open house. They're as invested in you selling your home, they want to make sure they are getting good neighbors.

When you're inviting that many people over to your home, it's wise to make the environment as neutral as possible because you;ll have plenty of tastes and preferences around. So animal heads on the walls are out, they're not for everyone. Politician pictures or even intimate pictures of yourselves should be stowed away for the event.

Try not to be present while your realtor is showcasing your digs. Take your pets with you as well. Potential buyers are more comfortable with talking freely when the owners of the house are not actually home. If they don't like something they can speak up without worrying about hurting someone's feelings. Make sure to also put away all of your pets accessories like water bowls, chew toys, food, crates, litter boxes and so on. make sure you keep your valuables in a safe place. You're inviting strangers into your home, so you need to be as safe as possible. No cash, jewelry, bills, ids or anything of that sort, just laying around.

The timing of your open house can also help sell your home faster. Try to not compete with other home showings in the area.

An open house is a low pressure way to invite buyers to see your home in the best light. They can ask questions, get answers, examine, talk amongst themselves and really take time to see your place, even envision a few changes they might want to make.

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