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Welcome Yourself to Your New Neighborhood

So you’ve had weeks of planning your move, picked the reliable team of movers to do the job for you, actually went through with moving day and finally settled into your new home. Moving boxes were opened, clothing was unpacked, furniture was cleaned and placed just in the right spot, not you’re looking to really get to know your neighborhood and meet your neighbors.

The All My Sons of Jacksonville movers know first impressions are important so remember to put your best foot forward when introducing yourself to others in your area. You don’t have to wait for people to introduce themselves, you can do it first. Walk by neighbor’s houses, ring the doorbell and say hello, nice to meet you. I am so and so, your new neighbor. You can give information about some of your skills around the house if you have any and offer to help if they ever needed it. You can also talk about why you moved or as a question, make them feel like they are helping you.

If you don’t feel like you want to do such an official introduction, keep it casual. Hang around your yard or patio and neighborhood. You’ll eventually see people around, and you can smile or wave your hand. Eventually you’ll see the same person a few times and the conversation would be easier to start. You’ll feel like you kind of know that person because you’ve seen them around already.

Another way to introduce yourself and welcome yourself to the neighborhood is to maybe go next door to your place and ask for a tiny favor, like borrowing an egg or a hammer. It’s a great icebreaker and you’ll make the other person feel like they really helped. You’ll have a chance to say your name and explain that you just moved next door. This will also make both of you more comfortable with asking for something the next time and you’ll have the chance to return the favor.

If you need to move into a new neighborhood, don’ forget to call the Jacksonville movers for reliable moving services in your local Jacksonville, Florida area. We are licensed and insured and are backed by four generation of movers. We’ve moved everything from the regular to the not so standard like pool table and pianos. Trust the All My Sons of Jacksonville for your next residential move!