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More New Home Sales Good News

It seems like things are getting better in the real estate arena fortunately. Interest rates keep going down, new programs are being put into place in order to help the foreclosure situation nationwide, lenders are more lenient and movers are busier across the nation. Just this past April, there was a reported increase of 3.3% in homes sales according to the Census Bureau and the Department of Housing and Urban Development. About 343,000 homes were sold representing almost a 10% increase compared to April 2011. Even though 3.3% increase is only a slight change, it’s still a change remind you the local Jacksonville movers. And for such a delicate real estate market any way up, is still up.

So many people were affected by the downturn in this economy, having to lose their homes, jobs and stability. Any sign of hope and change is greatly welcomed. The local Jacksonville moving specialists learned that these slight increases is very much what’s expected in home sales due to more buyer confidence and more hope in the dream of home ownership. As people get better jobs and feel more secure in their overall budget, the opportunity to own a home becomes more of a reality for them. Coupled with great home prices that are still considered a bargain in some areas, it makes sense for us to keep seeing the situation get better.

The National Association of Realtors agree with the numbers put out by the Census Bureau and Department of Housing and Urban Development. NAR reported a 3.4% increase in April 2012, up 10% from April 2011. The All My Sons of Jacksonville learned that a healthy real estate market would report about 700,000 home sales not 343,000. Still, people are staying positive in the slow, steady progress that’s taking place. Construction starts also increased in April, by 2.6% from March. So homebuilder confidence is also up. The average price of a new home sale these days is at about $235,700.

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