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Get A Better Deal On Your Rent

The real estate market of today has taken many people out of home ownership and into the rental market. Even after a few years after the real estate bubble burst, potential home buyers are still not confident about buying a home. Many are still waiting it out, hoping for even better bargains and for things to be better. The result is low vacancies and higher rents. In parts of Chicago, for example, rent has increased 5.8%. Philadelphia has 8.3% higher rents. So finding a god deal is becoming harder in the rental arena. If you're thinking of renting a place in the near future and are interested in negotiating the best deal, try researching market first. Professionals behind Zillow, a real estate search engine, says that two thirds of renters don't research the market before signing their lease. The local Jacksonville movers remind you find out the fair rental price of a certain apartment or house you're interested in. You can ask professional realtors or even check out other listings in the same location.

When you finally find a place you'd really like to rent, remember to showcase yourself int he best light. The local Jacksonville moving specialists remind you that money is not al a landlord is looking for. They want to make sure that their unit is well take care of. They'll be busy showcasing their place in the most positive way and you should do the same about yourself. You can bring up your credit score, references, history of paying on time, your job/career and so on. If you don't have pets, that can be a plus because some landlords shy away from renting to people with four-legged best friends. Having someone they can trust, can really go a long way with landlords.

To get an even better deal, you can try to sign a longer lease. Typically, a lease is signed for a year. Of course, there are always shorter terms, but those are more rare and end up costing more. If you really like the place and your work commute isn't bad, it might be worth signing a two-year lease. You can either get a better deal or at least make sure that you won't get an increase in rent the following year, which generally happens. The Jacksonville movers remind you to bring up certain benefits to your potential landlord like no advertising for the space, no professional cleaning expenses, no lost months on finding the perfect tenant and so on. If it's a house, you can offer to do certain chores the landlord is use to paying for, such as mowing the lawn, for a break on the rent payment.

When you're ready to move into your rental space in the Jacksonville area, call the local All My Sons of Jacksonville movers for professional moving services at an affordable price. We'll help you assemble your furniture and take care of every detail for an easy moving day.