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Necessities You Must Remember During Your Move

9 Moving Essentials You’ll Need on Moving Day – A List from Our Jacksonville Movers

It gets pretty hectic once moving day arrives. So, before you start packing up your things, it’s good to set aside certain things you’ll need during your move. After having assisted countless families move to new homes, our full-service Jacksonville movers have been able to identify a few key necessities. Here is their list of nine moving essentials you’ll need on moving day.


First-Aid Kit

You’ll want to be as safe and careful as possible when moving, but with all that heavy lifting and physical activity, a few minor injuries can happen. Be prepared to treat minor cuts and bruises by purchasing a small first-aid kit or creating one using the first-aid stuff you already have. Your kit should have Band-Aids, Ace bandages, hot and cold packs, a small bottle of rubbing alcohol, cotton pads, tweezers, and a bottle of mild pain killers, like ibuprofen. These moving essentials are a good thing to have around, even if you’ve hired professional Jacksonville movers, since they aren’t likely to have brought their own first-aid supplies.


Water and Snacks

Moving is tiring work that involves a lot of physical labor. It’s important to stay hydrated and not forget to eat. Buy a pack of bottled water so clean water is easily accessible throughout your move. Either put them in the fridge before your Jacksonville movers arrive or pack them into a color filled with ice. That way they stay cold and refreshing. Set aside some portable snacks too. Protein bars and energy-boosting fruits make great snacks!


Important Paperwork

There are a few pieces of paperwork you’ll want to keep with you during your move, your bill of lading being one of them. Other documents you should have around – your lease, your driver’s license, passports, the contact information of your moving company and moving insurance provider. Any other important and private documents should be packed separately and loaded into your personal vehicle.


Small Toolkit

A small toolkit is a moving essential for people that will have to assemble and disassemble their furniture by themselves. Buy a small kit from your local hardware store, it’ll come with all the basic tools you’ll need. You can skip this step if your hire our full-service Jacksonville movers. We provide a full range of affordable moving and packing services including furniture disassembly and assembly.


Paper and Pen

Nothing is more satisfying then checking off the tasks in your moving checklist! That’s why having a pen and paper is important to have. Check off your list and add more things to do if needed. Having a thick marker is also necessary for labeling your boxes. Don’t forget to label your boxes with a list of the items inside them and a designated room – it makes unpacking so much easier!


Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies as moving essentials may not seem obvious, but they are very useful tools to have during your move. Preferably, you’d have cleaned your home prior to your Jacksonville movers arriving on moving day. But even then, once your belongings start getting moved around and carried off, there is likely to be some previously unreachable dust that is now exposed. Set aside some basic cleaning supplies to take care of these dirty spots and any unexpected messes. Prepare the following:

Dish soap
Hand soap
Paper towels
All-purpose cleaner
Broom and dustpan or small vacuum cleaner
Dust cloths or rags