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National Moving Month: Tips & Tricks

If you’re thinking of moving to Jacksonville within the upcoming few months, you most likely have a lot to prepare for. Your relocation tasks may require you to book our Florida moving company in advance, changing your address with various organizations, and more. However, as moving season is practically upon us, there’ll be other hundreds of thousands of people who need to move around this time of year who are looking to book our Jacksonville movers, purchase packing supplies, and getting ready to relocate. Given that May is the kick-off to moving season, our Jacksonville movers decided this National Moving Month we’ll share helpful tips and tricks to make your move to Jacksonville that much smoother!


Declutter Your Junk

Around National Moving Month, it’s highly recommended that you make it easier on yourself and our Jacksonville movers by organizing and discarding junk you don’t need to bring with you to the new home. You can start by having a yard sale and kill two birds with one stone. A yard sale will not only lighten your load for your move to Jacksonville, but it’ll also put some extra cash in your pocket, given that relocating can be costly.

Further declutter what you have by donating items to charities such as the Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, and Goodwill. Besides lightening your load, you’ll also be giving back to those in need. If you have books you no longer want, you can always donate them to local schools or libraries as they’re always in need of new books. If just can’t seem to bring yourself to part ways with your collection of books, the U.S.P.S. Media Mail Service [1] is a great alternative since you can pack 20 pounds worth of books and ship it to your new home for $12.


Prepare a “Moving Day” Kit

This National Moving Month take the time to prepare a “Moving Day” bag to make sure you’ll have essentials on your person when our Jacksonville long-distance movers arrive to transport your furniture and valuables. The kit can include items such as a change of clothes if the move takes more than a day, toiletries, prescription medication, and first-aid. Keep a cooler on hand filled with the family’s favorite beverages and food to make sure everyone stays fueled and hydrated for the big day.


Update Your Mailing Address

For National Moving Month in May, take the time to update your mailing address with important organizations and people. Around two weeks before your move to Jacksonville, head over to your local post office to fill out a Change of Address form to ensure all your mail arrives to your new home in a timely fashion. Make sure to notify your friends and family of your new address so that they can use a GPS navigation system to get to your house warming after you settle into your new home.


Moving with the Best!

When you select our Jacksonville moving company as your first-choice in relocation services, you will receive quality customer care you won’t find anywhere else in town. For over twenty years our Florida movers have perfected our relocation services, ensuring our customers are moved into their new home, sweat-free. Don’t delay, contact our Jacksonville movers for your free moving quote today.




1. United States Postal Service – Media Mail Service