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Moving Tips: Packing Liquids

Tips for Packing Liquids When Moving

There are many small details that go into packing for a move, like packing liquids. Fortunately, your experienced Jacksonville movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage can share an easy guide to help you get through the situation and come out dry. 

Move as Few Liquids as Possible

Instead of continuing to purchase liquids as the moving day approaches, try using up as much of the liquids as you can and then throw them away. You may think you want to move all of your liquids to your new house, but sometimes it is cheaper to buy it new than to pay to have the moving company pack and move it for you. If you have any liquids left over come moving day that are unused, you can donate these products to homeless or women’s shelters.

A lot of liquid items must remain in your vehicle with you on moving day, because moving companies offer a list of items you cannot pack in the truck and usually a bulk of those items are liquids. Examples of commonly moved liquids are: soaps, shampoos, cleaning products, and detergents.

Getting Rid of Liquids

If you are getting rid of liquids such as: medication, unwanted cleaning products and other chemicals, you should contact your city, county or local waste management department to find out how to dispose of these liquids properly.

Packing Liquids for Moving

Now that you have disposed of any liquids that can’t be transported, you want to make sure the liquids that are making the move are packed correctly. If you are moving locally, you don’t have to take as much precaution as you would if you are moving cross country. If you’re moving locally, you can usually just set these items in a box and place them in your vehicle.

You should use a plastic bin for transporting your liquids because if they spill in a cardboard box, it will be a big mess. The plastic bin will generally keep the mess contained.

Line these bins with garbage bags or towels so that if the containers leak, the bags or towels act as another wall to prevent a huge mess.

Before packing the liquids in the bins, be sure to take the top off and cover the opening with plastic wrap and then place the top back on. After doing this, apply a piece of tape over the top. Then place the liquid in a plastic zipper storage bag and seal it shut.

We also suggest adding an extra layer of plastic wrap once the top is closed, for extra security.


Now that you have made the move to your new house you want to open the liquids bins carefully. Just in case any liquids have shifted during the move, open the containers carefully and on a protected surface.

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