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Moving Etiquette

Moving day can be hard. There is so much to do and so much to take care of, on top of all the planning that went on beforehand. Remember the packing, the cleaning up, the days you spent looking for a moving company, it all comes down to moving day. But even though the day itself can be hard, as long as you have professional movers by your side, you’ll okay. You’ll be tired, but you’ll be okay.

What about how to act during moving day? You’ll most likely be stressed and busy with the move, but you can’t forget your behavior. Think about your neighbor for example. Make sure you’re not blocking their access to their own street or driveway because of the moving truck or even furniture that’s been left out. Make sure the movers are not blocking their car as well. Also, watch that the movers aren’t trespassing onto your neighbor’s property. You don’t want them using shortcuts to your home right through their front lawn or backyard. You have to respect their privacy and property. You are the one moving, not them.

If you have a choice of when you choose to move, try to do it in the morning by the time most people have gone to work. This way you know you won’t be bothering anyone.

Make sure to pick up the leftover trash from the move itself that has maybe landed on your front lawn, sidewalk or even street. Verify that there are no packing materials left over after your move or unused moving boxes.

If you have a pet, make sure you plan accordingly. You don’t want your four-legged friend to bother the movers while they’re hard at work. And with the door mostly open during the actual move while the movers load up the moving truck, your pet has to be safe because wondering around is much easier at this time.

If you asked your friends to join in to help with the day, offering them refreshments throughout and even pizza during lunchtime is a nice thing to do. It’s a simple way to say thank you for spending your time helping me move.

The Jacksonville movers hope this moving etiquette helps you with your next move. If you are moving in the Jacksonville area, count on All My Sons of Jacksonville to offer you moving services like never before. We’ll quilt pad wrap your furniture and make sure all of our personal belongings arrive safely to your next dream home. So for an easier move, trust the local Jacksonville movers.