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Moving to NAS Jax: How to Transition Your Children

Naval Air Station Jacksonville (NAS Jax) is one of the Navy’s finest bases in the entire United States, winning the 2012 Presidential Excellence Award and the 2013 Commander, Navy Installations Command Excellence Award. Because NAS Jax is the largest Navy base in the Southeast Region, many military families request to be stationed in Jacksonville, Florida.

Since moving can be extremely difficult as is, moving to a new military base when you have children is an intensified moving situation to face. All My Sons Moving & Storage Jacksonville has been moving military families in and out of the city for over 20 years, and have acquired some information on how to transition military children to a new base, particularly NAS Jax.

If you are in the military and have a family, it is important to keep in mind that helping your child successfully transition to a new city, state, and school is crucial to their development. Oftentimes, the only consistency that military children have is consistent change.

According to the Military Child Education Coalition, "Military children generally move six to nine times during their K-12 school years." Even more alarming is that most people think that the number of military children having to move each year is small. However, over half a million military children change schools each year. With over 500,000 military children moving each year, All My Sons urges military families who are moving to Jacksonville or moving onto the NAS Jax base to be aware of your child’s feelings and concerns, and to utilize the resources that are available to moving military families.

They Didn’t Sign Up for This

Keep in mind that even though you and/or your spouse may have signed up to defend the United States and move to where your skills and duties are needed, your children did not. If military children act out after a big move, it is important to help them cope as best as possible. Jacksonville movers suggest taking your children to local events and fun venues that will help them love the area.  Pediatric neuropsychologist Dr. Jim Olsen also lends helpful information to moving military families, letting them know that a child’s biggest fear is not fitting in at their new school. So, all attempts should be made to help them assimilate into their community and new school.

Use Your Base Resources

A Command Ombudsman is a military base’s support and resource link between families and a command. If you are a military family that is moving to Jacksonville to be closer to NAS Jax, contact the School Liaison Officer at your Family Service Center on base as soon as possible. The School Liaison Officer at NAS Jax will be able to help transition your children into their new school. Jacksonville moving companies also want to make sure that you pick up the “Welcome Aboard” packet and attend the “101 things to do in Jacksonville” seminar at the Family Service Center.  

Moving your military family to the beautiful Navy base of NAS Jax, could be the best moving decision of your military career, but make sure that you do what it takes to make your children fall in love with Jacksonville as well.