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Making Your Home in Jacksonville Comfortable After Moving

If you currently live in or are moving to Jacksonville, you should know that this city is full of dynamic styles, especially for homes. You want your home to be inviting and comfortable for your guests. The Jacksonville movers have listed some of the latest cozy home trends for comfortable living in your new home in Jacksonville.


Trends in Seating Arrangements

When it comes to your seating arrangement, adding comfortable seats is a great way to spice up your new home.


Lengthy Couches

Choosing which style of couch you want in your home can be a tricky decision. You could choose an L-shape, a U-shape or even a loveseat. Our Jacksonville long-distance movers suggest you think about how many guests you expect to have in your home and choose the style that best represents your needs. You want your guests to be as comfortable as possible, so make sure you choose a fabric that is making your home comfortable and not just affordable.


Miscellaneous Chairs

To ensure you have enough seating for your new friends in Jacksonville, additional seating is a fun way to make your home in Jacksonville comfortable. A traditional armchair, an oversized beanbag chair, or even a reclining chair are all solid choices. Velvet and suede chairs provide extra comfort with their unique material. You can mix-match styles and materials for your seating choices but make sure you test them out before purchasing. This is your house so find furniture you’re actually comfortable using.


Home Decorating Trends – Accents with Pillows and Blankets

Our Jacksonville auto movers understand choosing accessories for your new home can be tough but remember there is no right way to decorate your home. Accent pillows and blankets are a great way to make your home more comfortable. Pillows add extra support when you’re sitting or laying on a couch. Blankets have the tendency to make you feel warm and cozy. Stocking up on different shaped pillows and fuzzy blankets is a great way to make your guests feel comfortable. Putting a basket of blankets near your living room couch or in the closet of your guest room is a simple way to offer your guests comfort.


Choosing your Home’s Aroma – Soothing Smells

Candles are a great way to make your home have a distinctive smell. Every house has a specific scent and they often trigger people’s memories. You can choose your home’s aroma by visiting a few candle shops and getting a sense of the fragrance notes you prefer. A few of the popular scents include pumpkin pie, fresh roses and even marshmallows roasting in a firepit. The laundry detergent you choose can also factor in the scent of your new home in Jacksonville.