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How to Make the Most of Your Space During a Move

Between packing, fitting everything into the moving van, and finding room in the new house, space is an issue that comes up at various points during a typical move.  If you are getting ready to move and you suspect that you have too many belongings for your Jacksonville movers to reasonably transport or fit into your new home, you should avoid waiting until moving day to face up to the problem.  Here are a few easy ways to lessen your burden during the move. 

Use Free Storage Sources — Temporarily

If you can temporarily store a few large or unneeded items at the home of a friend or family member prior to the move, this can be a great way to save money.  You will also spread the effort of moving out over more time, making the actual moving day less stressful.  Just make sure to focus on the word temporary; you won't win anyone over by dumping your old and forgotten belongings at their residence for months. 

Consider Permanent Solutions

Most people use self-storage at some point in their lives, since renting is affordable and nearby units are so easy to find.  When choosing a facility, make sure to consider their security measures, hours of operation and accessibility, rates, and lease lengths.  If you're torn about sizing, consider choosing bigger — you will have an easier time of moving around the space, organizing it, and taking things out.  Nothing defies organization like a tightly packed self-storage unit.  Make sure you follow storage rules; items like tires, medical supplies, food products, and hazardous or combustible products are typically prohibited.

Plan for Seasons, Sports, and Travel

If you choose your storage items well, you should not have to access them for months.  Old keepsakes and items that you are not quite ready to part with make great candidates for long-term storage, while seasonal items, like sports equipment, travel items, and decorations, merit a temporary home.  Keeping these two categories of items in separate sections or even in different units makes organization much simpler.  If you start dividing household possessions into those that are staying with you, those that are seasonal, and those that are going to permanent storage well before your Jacksonville movers arrive, your move will be that much easier.

Ask Whether Downsizing Would Be Better

Finally, before you pay to rent a storage unit or pawn off your belongings on an unsuspecting friend or relative, consider whether you truly need to keep all of these possessions.  While items that have sentimental value are often worth holding on to, items that you are keeping out of guilt, obligation, or a desire to reuse someday are probably not worth the trouble.