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Mitigating Moving Stress

One of the main reasons anyone dreads a move is the fact that strangers will be handling all of your personal possessions. Even though we may know otherwise, we may picture our things just being tossed into a van by uncaring workers who then drive without caution, only serving to make our nerves worse. This, as you may try to tell yourself, is unnecessary. It is important to do your research when looking for the very best Jacksonville movers, and it can do a lot to soothe your worries. At the same time, it may also be important to go the extra mile and purchase insurance for your cargo. When it comes to mitigating your moving stress, these are some of the most important things you can do.

Doing Your Homework

First, it is good to perform research when looking for a reputable moving company. This may mean looking at various websites, reading reviews, and asking your friends for their recommendation. Those doing online shopping may come across household goods brokers, which are to be avoided. Not being licensed to move, these brokers will sell the moving job to the highest bidder, meaning you may have no idea who will show up to handle your things. When looking at prices, do not be tempted by ultra low deals, as this can be a red flag. It is advised that you get quotes from at least three different companies and compare them to find the best. They should all be in the same range and too low or too high prices can indicate that something untrustworthy is afoot. After spotting a company that looks like it could be the right one, you can then look them up on the FMCSA website. Here, you can use the company's DOT number to look them up. From there it is possible to check if they are licensed and at what level. You can also view their insurance status and the number of trucks in their fleet.

Getting Covered

The next important step in protecting your possessions is to obtain insurance. Your Jacksonville movers may provide basic liability coverage, which is often given by the moving company free of charge. This is the minimum amount of coverage available. Depending on your state's DOT regulations, your possessions could be insured for 60 cents per pound per item or 30 cents per pound per item. This will serve to calculate the amount of money you should be reimbursed if anything happens to your cargo. The next level of coverage is known as full replacement value insurance, which means that if items are lost or damaged the insurance may replace them. This may be available for purchase from your Jacksonville movers in two different forms. A valued inventory plan requires you to take inventory of the specific items you want protected, and list them with a replacement value for each item. A lump sum plan allows you to declare one cumulative value on all your goods, and you will be insured for that amount. The declared value should be six dollars times the weight of your cargo to prevent you from being uninsured.

By doing in depth research and listening to personal stories and recommendations, you can find the safest and most well qualified Jacksonville movers for your purposes. Once you have found them, go one step further to make sure your belongings have a safe trip, and obtain the proper insurance for your possessions. This way, you will be able to proceed in the move with fewer stresses holding you back. No matter the level of care and coverage you need, experienced movers will be there to help.