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The Organized Kitchen

A new year, a newly organized home perhaps? What are some of your resolutions for this upcoming year? More fitness? Bigger social community? What about being more organized? The local Jacksonville movers know that generally people like to be more organized at the office or at home home, especially in their closets. But what about the kitchen? If you plan on spending more time in the heart of the house, cooking and serving delicious meals, organization will make it easier. The local Jacksonville movers suggest you keep the items you use on a daily basis within reach. For example, if you're use to having a fruit smoothie for breakfast every day, make sure you keep your blender on your kitchen counter and not in one of the cupboards. Place of all the ingredients and tools you use, within easy access. Think about your spices, oil, toaster, cutting board, coffee mugs, sugar and other essential items.

The oposite is true. The local Jacksonville moving specialists suggest you place the items you barely use in the deeper shelves like the extra toaster or pan you never use. Make sure you use your exposed shelving wisely. Don't forget to put the walls to work as well. You can hang items such as larger utensils or even pot holders. Keep your dish towels in sight and remember to have easy access to hanging rolls of paper. You can expect to always have unexpected things happen in the kitchen.Organize you refrigerator and freezer so you always know what you have and what's missing. When you don't know the list of ingredients you have at home, it makes it hard to cook on a daily basis. Throw out the out of date items,make sure your eggs and milk are still fresh and take the time to separately bag your fish and poultry to keep freezer burn out. 

Organize your refrigerator and freezer with dividers, baskets, drawers and neat containers. The All My Sons of Jacksonville remind you that labels can help keep things organized as well. IF you have teenagers at home, labels can help you set aside after school snacks or them. Don't forget the baking soda box to keep everything smelling fresh.The local Jacksonville movers wish you a happy new year !