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Is It Better to Rent A Moving Truck or Hire Movers in Lakeside, FL?

If you’re not familiar with the moving industry, it can be difficult to know whether you should rent a moving truck or hire professional movers. People tend to think renting a moving truck is more cost effective. However, the price difference may not be as hefty as you think. Our Jacksonville local movers are here to discuss the costs and benefits of each. The details of your move will determine which route is better for your wallet and peace of mind when moving to Jacksonville.

Moving Truck Rental Cost

Duration – Moving truck rental companies typically charge per day. For this reason, long-distance moves tend to be much more expensive than local moves.

Gas – You will need to fill up the gas tank as you transport your belongings to the destination. When you’re making a moving budget, remember that moving trucks are known for having poor gas mileage.

Mileage – If you’re moving local, you will be charged for the total mileage. This usually doesn’t apply to long distance because the higher cost provides unlimited mileage.

Packing Supplies – When you move on your own, you are responsible for purchasing moving supplies. This includes moving boxes, garment boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, box labels, and more.

Cost of Hiring Movers

Labor – The primary cost of moving with professional movers and packers is the labor cost. Most moving companies charge per hour to pack and load your belongings.

Transportation – Certified and licensed moving companies are required to charge for travel time. Be sure to hire movers that are located near your starting location for a cheaper move.

Packing Supplies – If you choose for our Lakeside movers and packers to pack your items, you will be charged for the packing materials used.

Hiring Movers vs Renting A Moving Truck

The price difference between the moving truck rental cost and the cost of hiring movers is not substantial. While moving on your own can be cheaper, every move is unique. Our Jacksonville residential movers recommend that you consider time, stress, and labor. Movers and packers are trained to handle even your heaviest items with care and speed. These factors make a huge difference on moving day and are reasons to hire professional movers.

If you’re only moving a few items and they’re easy to transport, renting a moving truck may be for you. When moving to Jacksonville, be realistic about the time you can dedicate to the move and how much you can lift. Oftentimes, homeowners rent a truck, think they can handle the move, and then need assistance. While moving companies will gladly help, you shouldn’t have to pay for both a truck and professional moving services.

All My Sons Moving & Storage

Our Lakeside movers are here to ensure your move is affordable and stress-free. With over two decades of experience, our professionals are equipped to handle all of your moving needs. The benefit of hiring movers is that you get excellent service and customer care. Our Jacksonville long-distance movers will help you customize a plan that fit your timeline and budget and answer all of your questions.