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Get Ready for Hurricane Season

Hurricane season has arrived. Evacuation plans have been set and revised. But not everyone is ready just yet. If you haven’t prepared your emergency grab and go bag, don’t worry All My Sons of Jacksonville movers are here to help. Along with having a good evacuation and communication plan both at home and at work, it’s wise to put together a bag that you can just grab on your way out the door.

The important thing is to take you with you are things that will help you live outside your home for a few days or even longer. In your grab and go bag you should include important contacts with names and phone numbers. Especially these days, where most of us store our contacts in our cellular phones, but haven’t necessarily memorized them. Think of emergency contacts, close friends, work phone numbers and so on.

The Jacksonville local movers also remind you to have cash on hand. A debit or credit card might not be of major use, especially if there’s no power.

Keep insurance cards on hand along with medication that you regularly take. Other documentation that’s valuable are things like passports, social security cards and anything else you can think of that’s valuable and very hard to renew.

The Jacksonville moving specialists suggest you also place valuable jewelry in that bag or decide to place the items in a safety deposit box before hurricane season. Of course remember to take the safety deposit box key with you along with your identification so you can access it later.

If you have any important information or work on your computer, it’s important to back it all up on a USB flash drive that you can take with you and safeguard. You can also place that in a safety deposit box if you choose to.

Think of anything that’s highly important documentation and make sure to pack those. This can include marriage or divorce certificates, birth certificates, specific pictures and so on.

Last but not least, place that grab and go bag in a safe and easy to access place in your home or apartment. In case of emergency, you’ll need to be able to just grab it and evacuate your property in a calm manner.
If you have kids, make sure you’re taking things that are important to them as well, such as a favorite to or blanket. This might help soothe them in case of a hurricane and displacement.