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How to Not Turn Your Hair Green From Your Pool

Have you just finished packing and moving to north Florida and are faced with having to maintain your own pool for the first time? Or, do you just need some extra tips on how to prep your pool for the warmer months ahead? Regardless, chances are that your pool could use some TLC after spending most of its time under a cover in the colder months.  When faced with leaves and branches floating around your pool, there are many steps you can take to make sure that your pool is safe and ready for your family to enjoy. Just take a look at these four tips from your local Jacksonville movers and you’ll be relaxing in the water in a splash!

  1. Skimming Net. Invest in one of these and you are half-way there to getting a head-start on your sun tan! Take ten minutes every day to use a skimming net to get out all of the critters that fall into your pool. This stops any bugs, twigs, leaves, or anything else from sinking to the bottom of your pool where it can create a whole new slew of problems. Especially if this is a new home, Jacksonville moving companies suggest that cleaning your pool be one of the first things you do after getting your belongings unpacked, to prevent it from further filth and costly damage.
  2. Pool Vacuum. For those things that the skimming net cannot reach, is where a pool vacuum comes in. All you have to do is run it for about an hour every day, in order to get out any debris on the bottom of your pool that could clog your pool filters. By taking the time to do this every day, you not only preserve the integrity of your pool, you also lengthen the lifespan of your vacuum. In order to make sure that you get all of the algae growth, brush the walls of the pool so that any extra gunk falls to the floor – and the vacuum will magically get rid of it.
  3. Chemical Balance. Another good habit to get into when maintaining your pool, is to check your pool’s chemicals on a weekly basis. Test the alkalinity and acidity with a pH strip. This way, you ensure that your family is not swimming in harmful bacteria. If the pH levels of your pool is not balanced, then it could create an unsafe swimming environment. Also, it is important to maintain the chlorine levels of your pool. If you have too low levels of chlorine, then it can create a breeding ground for bacteria. On the other hand, too much can turn blonde hair green and wreak havoc on your new swimsuit.
  4. Filter It. Make sure to clean the filter in order to prevent harmful bacteria from making its way back into your swimming pool. By changing the filter valve to “backwash,” the water moves backwards and cleans the filter at the same time. However, be careful not to clean the filter too often, doing so will make the filter ineffective in keeping your pool clean.