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Asking Family or Friends to Help You Move

No one likes moving and doing it alone can be a nightmare. If you opt not to hire Jacksonville local movers, how do you get your family or friends to help with your move to Jacksonville? Bribing them with some beer for hours of labor may not be enough. All My Sons Moving & Storage Jacksonville relocation services experts understand that asking family or friends for help can be uncomfortable, so follow these tips to make it easier.


How to Ask Family & Friends for Help Moving

Show appreciation. Reiterate how much you are asking of them and how much you appreciate it. People often feel better helping others when they know that their help is appreciated. This does not mean if someone says no you should keep asking them.

Give them plenty of notice. If you call someone the day of asking them to help you move, chances are they will be busy or not receptive.

If you need help with multiple aspects of the move, be clear about what tasks they will be doing. Use your friends’ strengths and consider asking them what tasks they would prefer to help you with.

Be prepared. If your family and friends are taking time out of their busy schedules to help you pack, be ready for them. Have plenty of packing supplies. Sort out what you want to throw away or donate before they come over.

Along with showing appreciation, it is important to be nice to your helpers. Barking orders at someone who is doing you a favor is a quick way to make some enemies. While it is okay to be organized, let them take long breaks, and do not expect everything to be exactly how you want it.

Make it more worth their while. Provide plenty of food and refreshments, especially if they are helping you with the heavy lifting. Order some pizzas and blast some upbeat music. Ask them beforehand what kinds of snacks and drinks they want. If there is a favor you can do in return, do it! Offer to watch their dog for them over the holidays. Tell them you will help them with building their new deck. Take them out to a nice dinner. The more you offer to do in exchange, the more likely your family and friends will be receptive to helping.

It is important not to over-rely on your friends and family for your move to Jacksonville. They are doing you a favor by helping at all, so do not expect them to be with you every step of the way.


Moving Without Friends & Family

The obvious solution is to not ask family or friends for help moving. Hire Jacksonville full-service movers instead like All My Sons Moving & Storage Jacksonville. Along with loading and unloading the truck, our Jacksonville relocation services include packing for you. Whether you need long-distance or local Jacksonville movers, you will not need to ask for help moving from family or friends because the moving company can do everything for you.