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How Much Should You Pay a Mover Per Hour?

Are you getting ready to move and need to create a moving budget? Whether you are new to moving or relocate often, budgeting for a move can be difficult. Most people spend time requesting moving quotes and researching moving companies and still do not know which movers are the best choice for their needs. You need to know if you are getting your money’s worth. Fortunately, our Jacksonville movers are here to discuss movers cost per hour and what to look out for when shopping for moving estimates.

How Much Are Movers Per Hour?

The majority of moving companies charge on an hourly basis. Professional movers and packers have to account for your amount of belongings and how long it will take to pack and load each moving box. In most states, licensed and insured moving companies are required to charge an hourly rate. Movers cost per hour varies from $110 to $200, depending on your location, moving date, and more.

It is important to understand what the moving cost per hour means for you and your budget. Oftentimes, moving companies have labor and travel minimums. A minimum is the time you will be billed at minimum, even if your move takes less time. If movers have a two-hour labor minimum and a one-hour travel minimum, then a $110 hourly rate equates to a bill of at least $330. If you use more than two hours of labor, you will receive a higher bill. These minimums are often regulated by the state. 

Cost of Licensed & Insured Movers

When you are shopping around for quotes, you will most likely receive estimates from both unlicensed and licensed moving companies. Oftentimes, licensed and insured moving companies will have a higher cost of movers per hour. This is because these movers are regulated by the state. Be careful of movers that lowball their movers cost per hour. They may be uninsured and have low-quality services. Licensed and insured companies offer top-notch moving services and do not have hidden fees. Rouge movers may seem cheaper, but the total cost of the move will include hidden fees that make the move expensive, and possibly out of budget.

All My Sons Moving & Storage

You can count on our Jacksonville local movers to create a customized moving plan to suit your budget and timeline. When you choose All My Sons Moving & Storage, you are choosing to relocate with an experienced, dedicated, and quality moving crew. Our team is committed to providing the moving experience you deserve. Speak with one of our moving consultants to discuss how we price our moves and how you can receive a free quote for our movers cost per hour.