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How to Keep Your New Home Smelling Fresh

In an effort to turn your new house into a home, you are having your local Jacksonville movers place your furniture just where you want it, executing a deep-clean, and making sure that your kids get settled in. While completing these tasks, you may notice something just isn’t right…the smell. To help you combat foul smells and ultimately keep your new home smelling fresh, All My Sons Moving & Storage of Jacksonville has some helpful tips you can begin using today!

Find the source of the smell – If a bad odor is hitting your nostrils as soon as you walk in the front door, you will want to find the source immediately. Check the garbage disposal and trash bin for any lingering food items that may be causing the problem. Also, go through items in your fridge for anything that may be expired.

Use candles – Candles don’t have to be lit to be put to good use. When you unpack your linens after moving to Jacksonville, place a scented candle in your linen closet. Over time, your sheets and blankets will absorb the smell of the candle and carry the scent with them when they are moved to another room.

Use plants – Indoor plants have the ability to naturally purify the air in your home, while looking great at the same time. Our local Jacksonville movers suggest getting a few orchids or freshly-potted herbs to place around your new home.

Make your own potpourri mixture – Using your favorite smelling flowers and essential oils, you can make you very own potpourri in about two weeks. String flowers upside down and lay any small branches or sticks evenly on a drying rack. Once your plants are completely dry, place them in a plastic bag along with a few drops of your favorite essential oils and shake the bag. You now have homemade potpourri to keep your new home smelling fresh for weeks.

Brush your pets – Pet hair can get in your carpets and furniture, causing a bad odor in your home. To avoid this, brush your pet regularly outside. Depending on how much your pet sheds will determine how often you should be brushing them.

Buy wall plug-ins – Wall plug-ins provide a consistent fresh smell and come in a variety of different scents. Switch up the scent in your home each season to make moving to Jacksonville a refreshing experience.

Use order eliminators – Find an odor eliminator spray that doesn’t just mask bad smells, but works to eliminate them. All My Sons Moving & Storage of Jacksonville favors products by Febreze that use patented molecules to fight bad odors.

Don’t become nose blind – It’s scientifically proven that a homeowner can get used to a smell (good or bad) in their home, but that doesn’t keep guests from noticing it. Stay on top of a regular cleaning schedule to keep your house guest-ready at all times.