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Homebuyer Turnoffs

In today's real estate market, even a bargain deal is not enough to lock in a buyer. There's so many great prices out there, a large inventory and all types of programs to help with home buying which gives buyers great power. If you've reasonable priced your home and consider your neighborhood to be a good area, there are maybe surprising things that are turning off potential buyers that you may not be aware of. Sure the help of a professional realtor can help so he or she can market your place right, but that still may not be enough. For example, pools maybe be a turnoff. Decades ago, they were all the rage, especially in warm weather like in Jacksonville, Florida. But the Jacksonville movers learned that these days they're seen as a luxurious amenity, especially in states that doesn't have sunshine year-round. Your potential homeowner might think it's too hard or too expensive to maintain and they might even see it as a safety hazard if they have young children. If you do have a pool, make sure to showcase it in the best light. You can talk about the outdoor area surrounding it, making it easier to entertain. If it's fenced in a really safe way, mention it in your listings description. You can even offer an incentive to help out with maintenance cost.

The local Jacksonville moving specialists know that personal belongings can also be a turnoff. Everyone knows that when potential buyers are scoping out your home, they're imagining themselves living there. So the more personalized taste the harder it is to sell. Think of creative furniture or travel souvenirs or photographs of your family lining up your walls. You need to almost neutralize the house, making it less about you and your family, more about common ground. So no personal albums laying out on the coffee table, no unusual paint color on the walls. Can you imagine a black bedroom? You might want to even keep some of the very personal belongings in moving boxes, storing them in the garage. You'll be ready to move when the time comes and with less clutter and personalization, that will be soon.

Gold bathroom fixtures have also known to turnoff of buyers because they're an outdated trend. This type of finish in decor use to be popular decades ago, but not anymore. In fact anything gold, such as golden-rod refrigerators or metallic wallpaper or anything that really screams a specific decade will probably be a turn off. It's a direct sign of how old the house is. Potential homebuyers, especially first-time buyers are looking for something modern, fresh and current that they can really put their stamp on. Another thing that can turn off people which kind of goes back to the swimming pool is big backyards that look like they need a lot of maintenance. When buying a home people understand that there's a lot of cost that comes with the dream, so they're always trying to minimize cost. So large backyards mean people are thinking a lot of mowing or big budget for gardener, which can stop them from wanting to know more about your home.