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Home Values Go Up Again

Good news on the real estate front, Zillow is reporting that national home values have gone up 0.5% from April to May this year to a value index of $148,100. The local Jacksonville movers learned that of the 166 metropolitan areas that Zillow studies, 86 show monthly home-value appreciation. Among the top 30 metros, 23 experienced monthly home-value appreciation. The local Jacksonville moving specialists are proud to say that the Miami-Fort Lauderdale had a 2.2% increase. Phoenix also did well again, with an increase of 1.9%, but a 9% increase compared to last year at the same time. Many economists expected lower numbers thanks to the foreclosures that are sweeping the nation, so this is certainly good news in the real estate market.

Now that markets like Miami and Phoenix are doing better, it's changing the predicted landscape. During the recession, most people thought the negative equality plus foreclosures meant this real estate bottom would last a long time. But the sunshine state is proving that it's having an effect on the supply side. The All My Sons of Jacksonville found out that all the households economists thought would be trapped in their homes and unable to buy new properties are also now unable to sell their current homes so this is decreasing the overall supply of homes out there. Economists thought that when there was an increase in demand and more homebuyers, sellers that couldn't sell during the recession would try to sell again. However, now some of them are underwater with their mortgages and negative equity might constrain the home supply...contributing to inventory shortage and higher price tags on properties.

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