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Top Remodeling Projects

The newest edition of Remodeling Magazine Cost Versus Report 2010-2011 is out revealing that the recent declines in housing are definitely having an effect on remodeling. Since 2006, there has been a declining pattern for homeowners in regards to the cost of remodeling to value ration. In this last year, the ratio fell by 3.8%. In the past, homeowners had the chance to remodel various rooms in their homes, enjoy the new lifestyle and even benefit from a higher profit once they sold the house. These days there's less return from these remodeling updates.

This Remodeling Magazine report revealed the 10 top remodeling projects of the year. Leading the way in the cost versus value ratio are exterior replacements such as garage doors and entry doorways. According to this report, replacement projects have always preformed better in the resale value of a home compared to other remodeling projects. This is because these types of projects are less expensive than others and contribute to curb appeal of a home. The curb appeal of a home is very important when a homeowner is trying to sell his home, especially in this competitive real estate market. It makes a great first impression. Curb appeal is also why wood deck additions are also in a top position on this remodeling list projects. Outdoor space really helps sale a home and can be a deciding factor between to different properties.

Minor kitchen remodels also made the Remodeling Magazine Cost Versus Report. These types of remodeling projects are more expensive. However, they really help sell homes, especially in the higher end markets. The kitchen is probably the most important room in the house. There's so much going on there on any given day. From doing homework, to eating dinner, to intimate conversations with friends, it's really the central space to every household.

These days remodeling projects are kept to a minimum at a minimum price. The uncertain economy, high unemployment rent and everything in between is really affecting homeowners and their wishes to upgrade. That's why basements and attic bedrooms are also making the remodeling cost versus ratio report. These types of projects are using spaces that are already there. In some cases, homeowners are having the remodeling done over an extended period of time, over various phases. This allows them to complete their vision, yet remain budget-conscious and careful.

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