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Home Makeovers To Attract Buyers

Due to the economy, many homeowners who would have liked to sell their homes and move weren’t able to do that. So many, decided to stay put so to speak and remodel their homes to make it more comfortable. By doing so, many homeowners also added value to their homes helping them selling it more easily. There are areas in the house that are a better investment when it comes to remodeling, especially when thinking in terms of attracting buyers.

The National Association of Home Builders found that 62% of builders were helping people remodel their homes with projects such as adding a bedroom, installing wider doorways or adding steps in a house. This is even more prominent with households made up of inter-generational families where a senior can be living with a new baby. The kitchen is definitely high on the list of remodeling projects because of the value homebuyers place on this heart of a home area. Families spend a lot of time together in the kitchen, so organization and space are very important. Extra cabinets, extra shelves, a bigger pantry, those are all on people’s wish lists. Builders are also adding islands and building more open cooking space where preparations can be made.

Technology also plays a part in today’s remodeling gigs. Many people work from home and need the convenience of the internet accessed from any room around the house, not to mention an office space or work station. And when both husband and wife work from home, this becomes even more crucial. Builders are helping with floor-to-ceiling book cases and other office friendly furniture to maximize space.

The outdoor part of the house is also making its way on the remodeling musts list. Some homeowners really treat the outdoor space like the indoor: adding furniture, fountains, even wiring for entertainment. Because square footage is so important, people these days are trying to utilize the outdoor space as living space.

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