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The Jacksonville Movers Learn About Granny Pods

The latest in real estate and related things are granny pods. Although living with aging parents to care after them isn’t anything new, a number of companies are now selling prefabricated units they call grant pods for residential properties. This new real estate situation has changed the way we live with younger children moving back home after college because of the unemployment rate, with multigenerational households as well as two master suites to accommodate older parents. However placing a 12 X 24 unit on a residential property is new. These pods use to be used as extra storage, not it’s about storing older people. Even the New York Times mentioned this trend.

The local Jacksonville movers learned that these cottage-like pods have a sleeping area, living area, bath and kitchenette. They features certain characteristics to match the elderly population such as rubber floors to lessen the chance of injury. This is by one specific company called MEDCottage. They also have a mat that stretched out from the bed to the toilet with lights, so that when someone is headed to the bathroom in the middle of the night, they can clearly see where they are going. There are tracks along the ceiling providing a way for people to install a lift or a hook to help with balance issues. There’s a camera that allows residents in the main house, where the pod is placed, to watch over their loved ones, in case they hurt themselves. There’s even a medicine dispenser helping residents to remember to take their medication, not to mention a system to track blood pressure, glucose, heart rate and blood gases.

The local Jacksonville moving specialists learned these pods cost about $85,000. MEDCottage will buy it back from their residents after two years for $38,000. Some other pods are going for much cheaper but without all the high tech systems. What are your thoughts on these so called granny pods. Would you have a relative living in one on your property? Or do you prefer to move in mom and dad in your own home?